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The municipality of San Remigio is a landlocked municipality located at 10°47ˈ24ˮN to 11°0ˈ36ˮN latitude and 121°52ˈ48ˮE to 122°19ˈ30ˮE longitude. And is about 21 kilometres (13) mi north-east from the provincial capital, San Jose de Buenavista. San Remigio is composed of 45 barangays, 154 Sitios 70 % of which are upland barangays or situated in the mountain area. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Valderrama, on the west by the municipality of Patnongon, Sibalom, on the south and Province of Iloilo on the east.

Time Zone : PST (UTC+8)

ZIP Code : 5714

IDD area code : +63 (0) 36 – 6529888

Climate Type : Dry Season and Rainy or Wet Season

Website : https://sanremigioantique.com

Oral Tradition of veritable source mentions a settlement called “Tigbacay” in the protological narrative about this town. Located about a kilometer from rivulet from where it got its name, “Tigbacay” was founded by famous warrior and hunter named Juan Arangote. He and his family constituted the first settlers of this place. The passage of time saw the influx of other settlers and the transportation of the place into the village. In 1797, Tigbacay was politically established as a barrio and consequently appeared in the map as part of the Municipality of Sibalom. It adopted San Vicente de Ferrer as its patron saint.

On July 1, 1864, Tigbacay was elevated to a municipality and was given the name San Remigio after a Spanish Officer Remigio Multo. The village, now town, was divided into two barrios called Baladjay and Vilvar in honor of Agustin Baladjay and Basilio Vilvar who worked for the separation of the town of Sibalom.

Located on the alluvial valley of big Sibalom River, the young Municipality waged a long and losing battle against the relentless onslaught of this merciless river whose seasonal encroachments almost always brought grave destruction to infrastructures and private property. Thus, the move to transfer the site of the Poblacion was initiated. The various resolutions adopted by the Municipal Council recommending the transfer of the town site were officially approved by Hon. Francis Burton Harrison, Governor General of the Philippines, Through Executive Order No. 74, series of 1919, thus, on October 13, 1931, the township was transferred to Calag-itan, its present site. The former site, officially the barrios of Baladjay and Vilvar, are now referred to as the “Old Town”.

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