Municipal Profile

Quasi-Historical-Oral-Ethnographic and LEGAL BASIS OF THIS WRITE-UP

Oral tradition of authentic source mentions a settlement called Tigbagacay as narrated about this town. Located about a kilometre from a small stream from where it got its name, Tigbagacay* was founded by a famous warrior and hunter named Juan Arangote. He and his family constituted the first settlers of this place. The passage of time saw the influx of other settlers and the transformation of this place into a village. In 1797, Tigbagacay was politically established as a barrio and consequently appeared in the map as part of the Municipality of Sibalom. It adopted as San Vicente Ferrer as its patron saint.

On July 1, 1864, Tigbagacay was elevated to a municipality and was given name San Remigio after a Spanish Officer Remigio Multo. The village, now town, was divided into two barrios called Baladjay and Vilvar in honor of Agustin Baladjay and Basilio Vilvar who worked for the separation of the town from Sibalom.

Located on the alluvial valley of the big Sibalom River, the young municipality waged a long and losing battle against the relentless onslaught of this merciless river whose seasonal encroachments almost always brought grave destruction to infrastructures and private property. Thus, the move to transfer the site of the Poblacion was initiated. The various resolutions adopted by the Municipal Council recommending the transfer of the town site were officially approved by Hon. Francis Burton Harrison, Governor General of the Philippines, through Executive Order No. 74, series of 1919. Thus, on October 13, 1931, the township was transferred to Calag-itan, its present site. The former site, officially the barrios of Baladjay and Vilvar, are now referred to as the “Old Town” or Banwang Da-an.

State of Education – Elementary Participation Rate is quite low. ; Tertiary or Technical Education Completion rate is low. Quality of human capital is an issue.

Simple Literary rate is extremely low

State of Housing and Basic Utilities – Prevalence of squatter or informal dwellers is unbearable; Prevalence of households with makeshift houses is extremely high;

Households access
to piped-in water supply (level III) is very low. Difficulty in accessing water
could be an issue to a number of residents. ; Access sanitary toilet facility
is an inconvenience to a number of households. Health and sanitation is at
stake. ; %of households with electricity is very low.

State of Peace and Order – Incidence of index crime such as murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, and theft is alarming.; Incidence of non-index crime such as crimes against national security, fundamental laws of the state, public order, public morals, violations of special laws, illegal gambling, illegal possession of firearms, car napping, illegal drugs, kid napping, serious illegal detention, and smuggling is very high.; Incidence of rebellion is undesirable; Incidence of terrorism is undesirable

State of Employment – Unemployment rate is alarming. ; Underemployment rate is very high

 State of Income – Poverty incidence is alarming. Magnitude of families living below poverty threshold is too high. ; Income per capita is extremely low. ; Poverty incidence is alarming. Magnitude of families living below poverty threshold is too high.

State of Forest Ecosystems – Presence of illegal occupants in forest land. Forest resources and wildlife habitat are at risk. ; Incidence of illegal logging is quite high. ; Incidence of large- scale quarrying and mining in forest is quite high. Forest resources and habitat at risk.


Source: MHO

Environmental Health Facilities (as 2017)

  • HH’s with Sanitary Toilets:                                      6,747
  • HH’s with Unsanitary toilets:                                  304
  • HH’s without Toilets:                                                46
  • HH’s satisfactory disposal of solid waste:             6,889
  • HH’s w/ complete basic sanitation facilities:        6,747
  • Food Establishment:                                                  118
  • Food Establishment w/ Sanitary Permit:               118
  • Food Handlers:                                                           135
  • Food Handlers w/ Health Certificate:                    135
  • Salt Sample Tested:                                                   347

Infrastructures and Utilities

  1. Communication
  2. Smart Telecommunication Company
  3. Globe Telecommunication Company
  4. Internet Smart/ Globe Broadband
  5. Postal Services
  6. SSB Radio
  7. GLOBE/ SMART lines

  • Transportation
  • San Remigio Poblacion Jeepney Operators and
    Drivers Association (SRPJODA)
  • Bagumbayan, Bugo, Trinidad Jeepney Operators and
    Drivers Association (BBT-JODA) Inc.
  • San Remigio Single motors Association
  • Tricycles
  • Vans for Hire
  • Private Vehicles
  • Water
    Supply (as of 2017)

No. of Household Served:

  • Level I:                       761
  • Level II:                      5,429
  • Level III:                     729
  • Doubtful Sources:   178
  • Power
  • Source: 
  • No. of Barangays Served:
  • No. of HH’s Served:

Roads (as of 2017)

  • National:
  • Provincial: 0.15kms gravel
  • Municipal: 3.291.72kms. (2.11539 Concrete;
    1.172.33 Gravel)
  • Barangay: on the process for updating


As of 2016

  • San Remigio Poblacion Jeepney Operators and
    Drivers Association (SANREJODA)
  • Kababainhan Bulig sa Kauswagan
  • Nagbangi 1 organic Farmer’s Association
  • Bagumbayan-Trinidad San Remigio Irrigator’s
    Association, Inc.
  • Vilvar San Remigio Irrigator’s Association, Inc.
  • Carmelo I- Carmelo II Farmers Association
  • Tubudan Farmer’s association
  • Stone Cave Unite La Union Famers Association
  • Poblacion Self Kaunlaran Association
  • Bagumbayan, Bugo, Trinidad Jeepney Operators and
    drivers Association (BBT_JODA), Inc.
  • San Remigio Producer’s Cooperative
  • Hublag Evelio, Inc.
  • Municipal Federation of Senior Citizens
    Association of the Philippines
  • San Remigio Association of Person’s with
  • Antique Human Development Program (AHDP)
  • Antique Federation of Non-Government
    Organization (AFON)
  • Ramon Magsaysay Farmer’s Development Association
  • USWAG DUROG Association
  • Poblacion Small Farmer’s Association