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According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the municipality has a land area of 406.98 square kilometres (157.14 sq mi) constituting 14.91% of the 2,729.17- square-kilometre- (1,053.74 sq mi) total area of Antique. It has a total population of 31,935 people.

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Aside from employment,
the other dominant economic activity and one of the primary sources of
livelihood of the majority is agriculture. San Remigio has an agricultural area
of 5,195.45 ha. Or 12.76% are devoted to agricultural crop production.

Agriculture and Food Situationer


Municipality of San Remigio is basically an agricultural community wherein
farming is still considered as the primary industry of the people. Being an
agricultural town, the types of industries that are found in the locality are
agro/ agri industrial in nature such as Handicrafts (wood and bamboo)
corner/sala seats amakan, kararaw, dining tables, stools, ropero, liplip, mats,
and ropes made of abaca.

Commerce and Trade

Commercial activities in the municipality of San Remigio deal mostly on wholesale and retail trade. Being an agricultural community, the primary of income among rural folks/farmers is from livestock and poultry rising and agricultural production. Minor central Business District in Poblacion complimented by restaurants, retail stores, bakeshops, rice retailing, dress/tailoring shops, drug store, internet café, RTW store, trading center, wet market, MEEDO Office, Palawan Express, Postal Office, Motorcycle Parts, Police Parts and Transportation Facility.

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