San Remigio: A tourist destination, with God-loving, hospitable, self-reliant citizenry, living in a safe, resilient and ecologically balanced environment, governed by efficient, transparent and morally upright leaders working towards a vibrant and sustainable economy.


A municipality committed to deliver quality and timely services for the upliftment of the living condition of San Remigionhons through a corps of highly professional civil servants.


The mandate of the Local Government Unit of San Remigio emanates from the provisions of Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as “The Local Government code of 1991”. Pursuant to the General Welfare provision of the Code, the LGU San Remigio is mandated to ensure and support among others, the following:

  1. Preservation and enrichment of our local culture;
  2. Promote health and safety of all San Remigionhons;
  3. Enhance the right of San Remigionhons to a balanced ecology;
  4. Develop appropriate and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities;
  5. Improve public morals;
  6. Pursue economic prosperity and social justice;
  7. Maintenance of peace and order; and
  8. Promotion of full employment among the residents.


We, the officials and employees of the Local Government of San Remigio pledge to institutionalize the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery pursuant to Republic Act No. 11032 of 2018.

Pursuant to the mandates of the law, we commit to:

  1. Advocate for the adoption of effective government practices for efficient government service delivery and prevention of graft and corruption;
  2. Engage into capacitation efforts for the LGU offices to re-engineer its systems and procedures to lessen processing time and reduce regulatory burden for both business and non-business transacting clients;
  3. Implement simplified requirements that will reduce red-tape and expedite government actions to the clients for business and non-business related transactions;
  4. Attend to applicants or requesting parties who are within the premises of the LGU offices prior to the end of official working hours and during lunch break;
  5. Establish an effective feedback mechanism in order to facilitate complaints and take appropriate actions to further improve the LGU’s service delivery;
  6. We finally pledge to continue to soar high to be a MODEL of EXCELLENCE in public service.

So help me God.


Upper Poblacion (Calag-itan), San Remigio, Antique, Philippines